In counties Stark, Adams, and Perkins, this fruit grows bitter sweet; It’s a place juicy in memory and ripened with the heritage of family;  and it calls it’s loved ones home. Heavenly skies of azure blue, with zested clouds of white, dance on an endless horizon;  Roads pitted with dust and rose colored gravel, chase … Continue reading Lemmon

COVID Confidential: Vol #8 – The Prick!

Happy Anniversary!  Well, it’s not really a “happy” one, but it is definitely our anniversary.  It’s okay if you didn’t remember a gift, I’m not bitter. I won’t even blame you for forgetting. Traditionally for the first year anniversary the gift is paper, so you can print this edition out for your keepsake! You’re welcome. … Continue reading COVID Confidential: Vol #8 – The Prick!

COVID Confidential: Vol #6 – The Gift

It’s hard to believe that after almost nine months of being in a pandemic, hope appears to be on the horizon with the Federal Drug Administration’s approval of two vaccines to battle the Coronavirus (COVID-19).  This is the best present ever! It’s a one-size fits all gift idea that everyone can use, but not everybody … Continue reading COVID Confidential: Vol #6 – The Gift