COVID Confidential: Vol #11 – Fun-employment/Unenjoyment

The summer’s record heat here in Portland, Oregon has now given way to cooler and damper days, articulated by foliage in splendid fall hues of yellows, golds, and crimson red. I find this time of year refreshing and feel like I'm catching my breath for the first time in the past five months.  Not known … Continue reading COVID Confidential: Vol #11 – Fun-employment/Unenjoyment


In counties Stark, Adams, and Perkins, this fruit grows bitter sweet; It’s a place juicy in memory and ripened with the heritage of family;  and it calls it’s loved ones home. Heavenly skies of azure blue, with zested clouds of white, dance on an endless horizon;  Roads pitted with dust and rose colored gravel, chase … Continue reading Lemmon

COVID Confidential: Vol #8 – The Prick!

Happy Anniversary!  Well, it’s not really a “happy” one, but it is definitely our anniversary.  It’s okay if you didn’t remember a gift, I’m not bitter. I won’t even blame you for forgetting. Traditionally for the first year anniversary the gift is paper, so you can print this edition out for your keepsake! You’re welcome. … Continue reading COVID Confidential: Vol #8 – The Prick!