COVID Confidential: #13 – New Endings & Old Beginnings

Well, it’s now been almost two months since the Oregon mask mandate has been put to rest…again.  In July 2021, we here in Oregon enjoyed a brief two-week stint of mask-free living before we were begrudgingly whiplashed back into Centers for Disease Control and Prevention compliance. This time will it be any different? It really … Continue reading COVID Confidential: #13 – New Endings & Old Beginnings

COVID Confidential: #12 – Omicron Edition

I prematurely used the term “post-pandemic” in some of my previous blog posts. In my mind, when folks were getting vaccinated, I really thought we were on the road to recovery. As we drove away down this presumptive road, we’d be giving COVID the single-finger salute. But… Another series of winter holidays have come and … Continue reading COVID Confidential: #12 – Omicron Edition