Less Than

I am a commodity sold and traded at will

I am not seen as human, not seen as an equal

I am devoid of feeling and emotion but a force of physical labor

I am forced to have less than and work more to survive

I have no wealth to build my legacy, no 40 acres, no mule

I am shackled with a history that has been branded on our backs

We are the puppets to the majority, used for exploitation and entertainment.

We are called animals, we are told we are no good 

We are vilified, falsely accused, and imprisoned

We have been drugged by your powdery poison to suppress us into submission 

I wear the marks of your justice on my neck; 9 minutes and 29 seconds

I cannot run for leisure, without the assumptions of guilt

My resemblance to others doesn’t give you the right to detain me 

The tool of enforcement is often the instrument of death, intentional or accidental

Saying that our lives matter does not mean your lives matter less

Learning about atrocities of racism at the hands of your ancestors, is critical thinking for understanding and forgiveness

Our quest for higher knowledge is no threat to your existence, but a compliment to our global wisdom.

My pride, my honor, and my color I shall take to the grave

I am the dream of my ancestors

I am GREATER than you can imagine

I am NOT less than, 


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